Eighteen months ago, we embarked on an ambitious project with our daughter and son-in-law to buy a property with the potential to build an annexe. It was a complex project and we had no idea how to go about it! The project required us to find a suitable property, be reasonably confident before we committed ourselves to purchasing it, that a planning application would be successful and do all that in double quick time to meet our vendors’ requirements. We knew that we could only accomplish this with skilled advice and an architect friend recommended that we consult Parker Dann. From that point onwards, everything became more manageable. Inevitably, the project got bogged down with the usual difficulties of house buying and the lingering effects of the pandemic but Chris Wojtulewski was always there guiding us to the next stage, being clear and confident about what we would be allowed to do, being incredibly efficient in his responses to us and to the planning authority when difficulties arose at various points and offering sound advice at every stage.
Demolition has now begun in preparation for the build and when we look back we are incredibly grateful to Chris without whom we would have been completely unable to achieve our aspirations.